Thursday, January 15, 2009

Εχει μέλλον το δημόσιο σχολείο;

Από τα στοιχεία που ανακοινώθηκαν σήμερα στην Αγγλία μετά την αξιολόγηση των σχολείων, φαίνεται πως ναι. Ισως υπάρχει πολιτική για να σωθούν τα δημόσια σχολεία.

Grammar schools are outperforming independent schools at A-level by record rates – on average, each grammar school pupil beats independently educated students by one grade at A-level;
• Overall non-selective state schools are making the biggest improvements in their results, though they still lag someway behind selective schools. Grammar school pupils achieved on average 966 Ucas points, compared with 893 in the independent sector and 727.8 in comprehensives;
• The school which made the single biggest improvement in the past year, according to the proportion getting five good GCSEs including English and maths, was Perry Beeches school, in a deprived area in the north of Birmingham, which rose from 21% in 2007 to 51% in 2008.

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