Sunday, January 18, 2009

...Και η τιμωρία του καταληψία του Berkeley

(Συνέχεια του προηγουμένου).

After months of involvement in the tree-sit protest and 93 days in jail, tree-sitter Michael Schuck pleaded no contest Wednesday to two counts of violating a court order and one count of trespassing.
Schuck, 26, was sentenced to 160 days in county jail, but was given credit for 146 days by the court. Of all the tree-sitters, he has spent the most time in jail.
Schuck attracted national media attention last Spring when he occupied an oak tree outside Wheeler Hall for two weeks and went by the nickname "Fresh." Both before and after that period, Schuck spent time in the trees near Memorial Stadium. Schuck is also facing three years of probation, during which time he cannot set foot on UC Berkeley property except to register for classes, attend classes or complete community service requirements. Schuck has been sentenced to 240 hours of community service, which he must complete by Sept. 18, 2009.
The tree-sit began in December 2006 when protesters took issue with UC Berkeley's plan to build an athletic center in the oak grove near Memorial Stadium. The last protesters, including Schuck, came down from the trees on Sept. 11 after the campus was granted authority to begin construction.

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